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Kat Myers, Head of People at Respondent

Working with Virginia is great! She works quickly to understand the needs of the business and delivers quickly. She brought on a new Applicant Tracking System six times faster than scheduled! Her deep knowledge of recruiting allowed us to speak with noticeably higher quality candidates consistently. Her expertise within tech recruiting is incredible and should be highlighted, especially since it is such a niche and difficult field. She was able to challenge and coach managers to be thoughtful and deliberate around what they were looking for in new hires. She became a confidante and trusted partner of the business, always available to discuss and give her perspective on a myriad of topics. She understands recruiting as a holistic vertical and would go above and beyond to ensure its success whether through employer branding initiatives or connecting us with her network (which is extensive!). She is a true pleasure to work with.

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Jennifer Hill, COO at Remedy Analytics

Virginia is fantastic! She made a big impact in a very short period of time improving overall processes and the approach to recruiting to use our team's time more wisely, use tools that save time and improve information flow and capture, and ensure that more time is spent on the right candidates. She jumps in with both feet quickly, delivers on or ahead of time, and provides excellent advice to growing companies.

Mike Simmons, Customer Success Manager at DevaCurl

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Virginia while she consulted with us to fulfill some much-needed recruiting needs across various levels of our organization. Let me start by saying this was no easy task, as we were going through a transitional period and needed processes in place from ground up. As the Customer Care Manager I take hiring extremely seriously and it's important to get the right candidate for our customers that also fit with our brand culture. Virginia was amazing at listening to my needs while also giving some great suggestions for me to consider. The quality of candidates was superb which made my job even more difficult in the selection process. Such a great problem to have. Virginia also implemented a new recruiting tool to keep things organized and visible. My candidates also gave great feedback about her timeliness and responsiveness as it’s important that all our candidates have a great experience. Our process was cut in half from our prior recruiting efforts.


Overall, the process was seamless, and Virginia communicated efficiently and even gave me that much needed nudge to keep me on track with the expected hiring timeline. Big thank you to Virginia for providing and sharing guidance along the way, setting clear expectations and communicating. It resulted in finding the right candidate quickly with a "one and done" hire.

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