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Our mission is to set teams up for long term success by building a strong recruiting engine early in a startup's journey to ensure maximum efficiency and speed as your business scales.

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ABOUT VIRGINIA LLOYD                                             

Virginia has progressive experience managing and leading high performing recruiting teams within various startups, as well as working within large tech companies such as Google, Spotify, and SONOS, providing her with an impactful perspective and approach to building companies.


Her area of expertise is in helping startups build out the framework for their recruiting operation from start to finish. By doing the hands on recruiting while developing strong hiring processes, recommending and onboarding applicant tracking systems, conducting interview training, and hiring for key roles, she is able to accelerate hiring while teaching teams best practices within recruiting. As an experienced leader and builder of high performing recruiting teams, Virginia has been very successful in setting up startups for long term success by hiring and training in-house recruiters to continue driving long term results that align with each company’s values and recruiting practices.


Areas of proven success include:


  • Recruiting for various roles at all levels (including leadership), specifically technical positions

  • Recommending and onboarding the right applicant tracking system for each company to increase efficiency and align with long term metrics-driven hiring

  • Partnering and advising at all levels of an organization to educate and build a strong and consistent recruiting engine

  • Conducting interview training for all employees, ensuring consistent and fair evaluation of all candidates

  • Coaching hiring managers on how to develop job descriptions for their open roles to maximize efficiency and drive better hiring results

  • Advising on standardized best practices in the development of compensation and benefits strategies

  • Provide resume writing, interview guidance, networking and job search advice for employees affected by a layoff


Virginia is particularly well connected with and experienced in hiring for high tech companies and startups, including geographically distributed and remote teams.

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